Thursday October 22, 2020

Travel to New Mexico

We'd recommend traveling to New Mexico on Thursday in case of flight delays or other problems that may occur. Depending on where you're traveling from, the flight to El Paso will likely take up half of your day.

If you're staying at The Domes with us, we'll have them booked both Thursday and Friday night. If you're staying elsewhere, we'd suggest finding accommodations in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. You can find more details here.

Arrival Party • Time TBD

After everyone's arrived and settled in, we'll be having a welcome party at a Cloudcroft Brewing Company.

Friday October 23, 2020

Getting Ready

Throughout the day, we'll be getting ready for the ceremony and setting up for the reception at The Domes. Feel free to join us if you'd like to help set up or just meet at the dunes for the ceremony if you'd prefer.

Wedding Ceremony • Time TBD

The wedding ceremony will take place in the Group Use Area at White Sands National Park in Alamagordo, New Mexico.

We suggest arriving at White Sands National Park about 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony in order to find the Group Use Area in enough time. We will all meet in the parking lot before the ceremony and walk to our spot together.


To get to the park entrance, you can look for White Sands National Park Visitor's Center in your GPS. It's easy to miss the Group Use Area once in the park so be sure to follow this map carefully on your drive in.


Immediately following the ceremony, the bridal party will be taking photos at the dunes for about an hour. Any guests that don't need to stay for photos can start making their way to The Domes at this time.

Reception at The Domes

We'll be having a casual family-style dinner and reception at The Domes Nature Retreat immediately following the ceremony. Dinner and beverages will be provided.

The drive to West Side Road is only about 20 minutes from the dunes, but it takes about 30–40 minutes to drive to The Domes from the start of road.


Navigate to 1201 West Side Road, Cloudcroft, NM 88317. As soon as you reach West Side Road, check your odometer (GPS is not reliable for this drive). From the start of West Side Road, you'll be driving about 11.5–12 miles.

The first 1.5 miles is paved and the rest is an unpaved, winding mountain road. It should take 30–40 minutes in an SUV. Do NOT turn off of West Side Road until you've reached The Domes Nature Retreat sign on your left.

Follow the signs up the driveway and wait to be guided to parking.

Saturday October 24, 2020

Send-Off Breakfast • Time TBD

Before everyone heads home, we wanted to have one last celebratory meal together. For anyone who wants to join, we'll be having breakfast at The Domes.